This Is: Olympus OM-D E-M10 II


After six months of contemplation, I finally decided to upgrade and get a new camera! In all honestly, I don’t have the right camera tech knowledge to do a reliable review but thanks to uncle google the amount of information and reviews online are limitless that can really help you get a camera best suited for you. I would highly recommend  CameraDecision, which is a website that lets you compare two cameras of your choice.

However, from the beginning,  I knew I wanted an Olympus camera because I have always gravitated towards the retro/vintage look that Olympus is very well known for. More importantly, I wanted a camera that was compact and easy to carry with wifi and the Olympus E-M10 II, for me ticks all those boxes. The camera also has a touchscreen which is super handy to control the focuses. You can also change the lenses for this camera, so if you want to step up your Photography game, you do not necessary have to buy a new camera body to do so.

one annoying thing about this camera is that you there is no 360 screen rotation so your camera screen in on the outside making it more suspectable to damage and scratches so I would recommend buying a screen protector from eBay or any electronic stores.


Here are some random photos I took while out and about with my new gadget …



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